Ramps are facilities to overcome the inclination (various levels) in buildings and urban landscape.

Ordinance № 4/2009 to build an accessible environment in urban areas regulated by Article 12 rigorous requirements for this type of equipment:

  • width of at least 120 cm, measured between the handles of handrails;
  • performed with a gradient of not more than 5% (1:20), and for the ramps with a length of 200 cm is allowed to incline a maximum of 8%;
  • every 10 m length of the ramp has a horizontal platform with a length of at least 200 cm;
  • in places where the ramp changes its direction is the horizontal area measuring at least 150 cm to 150 cm;
  • along the unprotected sides (one or two) to ramp up the safety curbs to a height of at least 5 cm and a width of at least 15 cm, mounted on rails;
  • before and after the ramp is full tactile strip with a width of 60 cm in the direction of movement and color contrasting with the color of adjacent surfaces;
  • both sides of the ramp provides rail subject to the following requirements:
    • handles are continuous and circular with a diameter of 3.2 to 3.8 cm, mounted in such a way that it does not rotate in joints and begin at least 30 cm before the first step and complete at least 30 cm after the last step; handles of handrails attached to walls, installed a distance of 4 cm from the walls;
    • the ends of the handles are rounded or curved smoothly to the corresponding wall or pillar bedding;
    • at least one side of the arm has a double staircase railing, the height of the handles is 70 cm - for use by children, young people and people in wheelchairs, and 90 cm - for general use;
    • where the width of the staircase flight is greater than 360 cm, to provide an intermediate double railing.

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