Metal constructions

Company "Prometal 2000" Ltd. offers outsourcing:

Professional design and manufacture of metal, steel and aluminum structures:

  • stands;
  • shelves;
  • covers;
  • fitness
  • and other custom.

Description of the welding process:

  1. The welds are performed by MIG method inert gas CO.
  2. The welds are continuous along the entire connection cutout with cutout. There should be no access of air inside the profile.
  3. Welds are processed with a rubber washer with sandpaper to achieve smoothness. Ie no visible transition from one cutout to another.
  4. Welding operations are performed by professionals with the highest welding qualifications and many years of manufacturing experience.
  5. Welding equipment and welding consumables are manufactured by leading companies for welding equipment and consumables.
Metal construction 1 Metal construction 2

Galvanized stands thinners -
client ABB Avangard

Metal construction 3 Metal construction 4 Metal construction 5 Metal construction 6

Screens, containers, crates, railings, stairs, shutters, etc..
Argon welding aluminum and stainless steel.